Activist Coaching


What on Earth

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A Cautionary Note

Participating may prompt you to change your life and your relationship with the world at the same time.


Your time on this Earth and the impact of your life on the planet.


The activities in WOE (see list here) nourish, inspire and empower participants, enabling creative responses to concerns about emerging planetary crises.


To move past overwhelm and engage active hope.


These events, which may be provided singly or severally, will be a space to;

  • Step back and develop resilience
  • Speak your truth in the company of the like-minded
  • Reconnect with nature and make sense of your pain for the planet
  • Build your desire and intention to act for the well-being of life
  • Support consideration of the impact of your lifestyle on the earth and its resources. Reduce the urge to buy, consume and party on regardless.
  • Move beyond denial, disavowal (knowing and acting as if you don’t know) and numbing out.
  • Identify your personal pathway to contribute, make a difference and be of service to the future.


All events are provided in house and in person through negotiation with a sponsoring organisation.

Any part of ‘What on Earth’ can be attended on its own or in series.

Beyond the workshops I will be available in a coaching capacity to support your implementation of personal action plans.

Contextual Footnote

For some time now ‘out there’ a consensus has been building in the scientific community that not only is human-induced climate change irrefutable, but that the window of opportunity for arresting it, let alone reversing it, within a few short years from now, will have closed. Governments remain under the sway of the industrial growth fetish, and to date will only enact token measures. Their captors and masters, the transnational corporations, assisted by swarms of lobbyists and backed by billionaire press owners. promote rampant consumerism, sometimes masked by greenwash. What have coaching and personal development to offer in this dismal context?

We are moved, and moved to act, by our emotions, for better or for worse. Change at the micro level of the individual and/or small group is a pre-condition for (but not a substitute for) systemic macro level change.

In WOE workshops we endeavour to express our fear, grief, anger, greed, apathy and guilt as they relate to the planetary crisis i.e. global warming and critical weather events, loss of biodiversity and ecological degradation, resource depletion with consequent war and mass migration etc. The workshops provide a setting where such feelings can be heard without being discounted or rationalised.