Activist Coaching


About Activist Coaching – The Benefits

Could you do with some help to reach your social objectives? By which I mean goals that are about making a real difference to the world out there. Do you have desires and intentions that go beyond self-improvement and self-advancement, beyond the stale ‘be more, have more’ prescription? If so, read on for specific pointers to how activist coaching can connect with your concerns. What follows are simply suggestions, a sampling of the benefits from activist coaching. Perhaps you already have a good idea of what you seek help with. You are just as welcome to bring those concerns to your coaching session.

Would you benefit from assistance with any of the following?


  • Sustaining and developing the will for change.
  • Achieving the best possible prioritisation of commitments.
  • Putting in place an action plan with a specific timetable, ending procrastination.
  • Exiting the drama triangle (persecutor/victim/rescuer) in favour of levelling behaviours.
  • Dealing with burn-out, despair and overwhelm.
  • Bypassing fear and greed as motivators, preferring love and compassion.
  • Sustaining behaviour in keeping with your better values. Becoming more congruent with your ideals, demonstrating in your words and actions that you ‘walk your talk’.


  • Addressing resistance to co-operative working assignments.
  • Catalysing negotiation, challenge, consensus-building, or dissidence, as required.
  • Countering reproduction of oppressive power relations, allowing for hierarchies of experience.
  • Managing anger and conflict with fellow activists and/ or authorities.
  • Struggling to cope with cuts to public funding and the impact on the provision of your service.
  • Recognising the signs of unproductive stress in your group, suggesting it’s time for a pause to support and care for each other.


  • Relating your project and activities to the bigger picture.
  • Noticing the impact the bigger picture is having on your actions.
  • Establishing clear and communicable social goals, avoiding dogma and sectarianism.
  • Clarifying practical ways and means forward.
  • Handling failure e.g. by recalling when you have succeeded. Regrouping to live to fight another day.
  • Knowing when to stop and when to take time out to attend to your personal wellbeing. Failure to heed your limits invites burn-out.

Knowing when to stop is at the heart of what is probably the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced, our collective unintended impact on the climate of our planet. You may need coaching to help you confront your own and other’s addictive consumer behaviours. I have a commitment to your being as honest with yourself and others as you possibly can be concerning this issue. Coaching can help you identify and assist you in developing a personal strategy for reducing your carbon footprint.

Activists, particularly those who are volunteers, often have limited time and a limited budget to commit to a cause. You want to scale up your influence, ensuring the maximum return on the commitment of your personal resources of time, money, energy, and goodwill. In order to empower your potential and increase your leverage, I engage with your whole person in coaching sessions:

  • Body (energy and behaviour)
  • Emotion (values and commitment)
  • Thinking (beliefs, planning and goal focus)
  • Spirit (self actualisation needs)

I look forward to you making contact and our working together.