The Work That Reconnects

The Work That Reconnects (WTR) takes participants through The Spiral, a tried and tested pathway for clearing emotional blocks to taking CEE action. WTR was created by the eco-philosopher, environmental activist and Buddhist scholar, Joanna Macy. The workshop begins with researching Gratitude which prepares the group for Honouring Our Pain. Seeing With New Eyes then facilitates the final phase of Going Forth.

Throughout this carefully structured process the focus is on communicating what each person truly feels, mostly in pairs, sometimes in a full circle. Through WTR people are empowered to decide which narrative about the state of the world they want to put their energy behind: Business As Usual, the numbing story of The Industrial Growth Society, and/or the parallel, more panic-driven story of doom, The Great Unravelling; or The Great Turning, a story of resilience that celebrates Active Hope, enabling a transition to a life-sustaining society. WTR offers release into action and clear thinking from an (often repressed) anguish, where we are caught between the sense of impending apocalypse and the dread of properly acknowledging that.

Duration: 3 hours. For 10 to 16 participants.

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