The Council Of All Beings

This internationally conceived workshop was created by John Seed, the Australian activist behind The Rainforest Information Centre; Pat Fleming, a British originator of The Interhelp Network; Joanna Macy, author of Despair and Personal Power in the Nuclear Age; and Arne Naess, the Norwegian Professor of Philosophy who coined the term “deep ecology”. It addresses the alienation from the natural world many feel or are aware of, and explores how we can enter a deeper internal connection with the non-human world and what then becomes possible. It is arguable that the very use of terms like “the environment” and “nature” express and reinforce this split, distancing us from the reality of the situation. In COAB the processes weave together the themes of mourning, remembering and speaking from the perspective of other life-forms. We will be venturing into the unbuilt area to gather some natural materials for the necessary mask-making that then supports participants giving their chosen species a voice. This is a ritual for which the time has come, as scientists are now warning we have already entered The Sixth Mass Extinction.

Duration: 3 hours. For 12 to 18 participants.

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