Eco Constellations

Derived from the better-known Family Constellations, this is a systems thinking approach to
environmental and social concerns, that brings the bigger picture into view. Any system within which a protagonist has a burning issue or question can be constellated,- a place, a habitat, a campaign, even a book or work of art. This unpredictable and mysterious process of enquiry is a solution-focused form of 3D mapping, creating new pathways, literally unimaginable to our conscious and rational minds, enabling entry into a state referred to as “the communion of participation”. Put another way, this procedure confounds the common and collective denial of interbeing. Eco Constellations are a medicine for the soul and a social vehicle for actualising interbeing.

Duration depends on the number of participants: 8 to 12 (2 hours); or 13-20 (3 hours), in which case the group will be divided into “representatives” and “audience/witnesses”.

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