Behind and Beyond Your Footprint

What is holding back the necessary immediate large scale mobilisation of society to address the CEE? From where and for who was the concept of an individual carbon footprint invented? This workshop moves on from the original Carbon Conversations model which took account of personal emissions, from food, household energy, travel, and consumption and waste. The focus is on the deconstruction of contemporary consumer identities, including large areas of hapless complicity with the CEE. This workshop will enable a fuller understanding of how and why (what might be called) your ‘green conscience’ and resulting behaviours are unlikely to line up with your best intentions and better informed awareness. There will be a mix of presentation, -particularly on forty years of neoliberalism’s toxic impact on British society, and the related tactic of delayism; with small and whole group discussion of current societal patterns; to include whether and where there is potential for change at the necessary pace and scale. Participants could gain useful insight into our culture of disavowal, uncare and exceptionalism.

Duration: 2 hours. For 8 to 16 participants.

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